Variable Water Lilies

Name Nymphaea ‘Aurora’
Flower Size 5-7cm (2-3”)
Spread 60-120cm (2-4’)
Planting Depth 25-45cm (10-18”)
Light Full Sun
Pond Size Small to Medium
Leaf Colour/Pattern Attractive, green, maroon splashed, oval leaves.
Flower Colour Small, orange-centred, cup-shaped ephemeral flowers which age from apricot-red, through orange-red, to burgundy-red.
Notes A dwarf variety highly recommend for smaller ponds or large patio containers.

Name Nymphaea ‘Comanche’
Flower Size 12-15cm (5-6”)
Spread 120-150cm (4-5’)
Planting Depth 30-60cm (12-24”)
Light Full Sun to Partial Shade
Pond Size Medium to Large
Leaf Colour/Pattern Large 12″ leaves emerge mottled with burgundy flecks, changing to deep-green with purple undersides as they mature.
Flower Colour Fragrant, cup-shaped, changing to stellate flowers are held high above water. Blooms change from yellow-apricot, to gold-orange, to deep-orange with yellow tips.
Notes Free-flowering variety with each bloom lasting up to 5 days.



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