White Water Lilies

Name Nymphaea ‘Marliacea Albida’
Flower Size 12-15cm (5-6”)
Spread 120-150cm (4-5’)
Planting Depth 30-40cm (12-18”)
Light Full Sun
Pond Size Large
Leaf Colour/Pattern Slightly bronzed young leaves mature to round green
Flower Colour White, fragrant, cup-shaped flowers with yellow stamens
Notes This is a high flowering cultivar with a high proportion of flowers to the limited spread of leaves

Name Nymphaea ‘Gonnere’
Flower Size 10-15cm (4-6”)
Spread 90-120cm (3-4′)
Planting Depth 15-75cm (6-30”)
Light Full Sun
Pond Size Medium
Leaf Colour/Pattern Pea-green leaves
Flower Colour Snow white, peony-shaped double blooms
Notes Classic historic variety with bountiful fragrant flowers

Name Nymphaea ‘Ordata Alba’
Flower Size 10-15cm (4-6”)
Spread 120-150cm (4-5’)
Planting Depth 60-120cm (2-4’)
Light Full Sun
Pond Size Medium to Large
Leaf Colour/Pattern Large waxy green leaves spread quickly
Flower Colour Edible, creamy-white fragrant blooms, with tightly clumped crown of yellow stamens
Notes For hundreds of years, roots of the native variety of this lily were crushed and mixed with wine as an aphrodisiac

Name Nymphaea ‘Tetragona Alba’
Flower Size 3-5cm (1-2”)
Spread 5-8cm (2-3”)
Planting Depth 15-30cm (6-12”)
Light Full Sun
Pond Size Small & Containers
Leaf Colour/Pattern Small, round, leathery-green leaves with purple undersides
Flower Colour Dainty, star-like blooms with bright-golden stamens
Notes A true miniature variety, perfectly suited for container gardens and tiny ponds

Name Nymphaea ‘Virginalis’
Flower Size 10-12cm (4-5”)
Spread 120-150cm (4-6’)
Planting Depth 15-120cm (6-48”)
Light Full Sun
Pond Size Any Size
Leaf Colour/Pattern Rich, deep green leaves with a purple cast
Flower Colour Fragrant, goblet-shaped, pure bright white blooms with bright yellow stamens
Notes Undoubtedly the best white waterlily to own



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