Catherine’s Corner

Catherine’s Corner

Catherine’s Corner

Spring has sprung,
The grass has riz,
Open is what The Pond Clinic is!

Happy Spring, everyone! As far as winters go, this one wasn’t so bad (compared to the last two!). Our family wasn’t lucky enough to take a tropical holiday this winter, but dare I say, I didn’t really miss it this year. Gasp! Say it’s not so! You could reason that I was so busy putting my nose to the grindstone that the winter just flew by…or it could be that I didn’t notice because I’m surrounded by a tropical oasis on a daily basis. With wall to roof glass allowing the sun to bathe me in natural filtered light, surrounded by palm trees & tropical plants, and the tranquil sound of the waterfall in the background, I was transported to my island paradise! Just to solidify the illusion, my husband & business partner, Nicholas, sprinkled some Barbados sand between the pavers in front of my office and installed a Barbados cherry tree, as part of our permanent botanical collection!

Catherine with a giant taro plant (Colocasia esculenta) in Barbados, 2011.

Catherine with a giant taro plant (Colocasia esculenta) in Barbados, 2011.

Thank you, dear clients, for your patronage and loyalty over the last year as we transitioned from our previous one room 1500 square foot space to our current 3 house, 10,000 square foot home, while also expanding our business model to offer our services as a special events venue, We produced 11 weddings and several corporate events in 2015 and this year, we are poised to more than double these numbers!

In order to properly prepare for our weddings, we will need to close the retail garden centre early on special event days. We thank you for your understanding and patience, in advance, and we will continue to post an ‘Early Closure Alert’ banner on our home page and store hours page at, to alert you of specific early closure dates and times. That being said, since our Aquataopia Café is set to open within the next month, catering to the breakfast & lunch crowd – 7 days a week, we have decided to open the retail garden centre on Sundays, under compressed hours. Beginning May 8th, we will open on Sundays from 9:00 am to 2:30 pm. Watch for the ‘Café now open’ announcement in April!

Aquatopia Conservatory Early Closures at 2:30pm – Spring 2016

Saturday, May 7
Saturday, May 14
Friday, May 20
Saturday, May 21
Saturday, June 4
Friday, June 10

Like any new business, we have experienced growing pains along the way as we develop our trifold business model and put systems into place. Last spring, as many of you will recall, we had issues with our in-house phone system. I apologize to all of you who tried to get through but heard only radio silence on your end. We have since changed providers and despite the occasional VOIP distortions, the system has been working well. You may always reach us at if you’re having difficulty getting through on the telephone.

Signage was another issue and one that we continue to work towards improving. The plan for our future 20’ x 18’ Aquatopia Water Garden Conservatory sign destined for our property frontage is currently pending City approval.

In a nutshell, here’s what you need to know:

Take exit 155 off HWY 417 (Carp/Almonte exit), stay right onto March Road. We’re the large greenhouse structure with blue board & batten warehouse immediately on your right. If you pass the Shell gas station, you’ve gone too far! Please drive around to the front of the building (not the blue side with the propane tank) where there is ample customer parking.

I aim to do a better job keeping in touch this year, with our usual monthly newsletters. I will also send out notification once our first batch of plants arrive (lilies & hardy marginals) and again, once our floating plants (hyacinths & lettuce) are available for sale. You will also receive notification once our first batch of fish is available for sale, but after that, I would highly recommend that you check our ‘Fish & Plants In Stock’ page, under ‘Retail Store’ on our website, which I will endeavour to keep current. We look forward to serving you soon!

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