Emulate Mother Nature…Give Your Pond a Spring Cleaning!

Emulate Mother Nature…Give Your Pond a Spring Cleaning!

Emulate Mother Nature…Give Your Pond a Spring Cleaning!

As soon as the snow melts from your pond and the ice thaws in your plumbing, you’re ready to tackle this perennial pond owner’s weekend warrior task. If sticking your hands in cold water and removing dead frogs from your pump is not your cup of tea, you can always call our service department at 613-225-7663, ext. 3, and Rebecca Cooke, our seasoned Service Manager, would be pleased to book an appointment with you.

Things to keep in mind:

Drain the water in your pond

You will need to drain the water in your pond with a solids handling pump. Do not use your pond’s circulatory pump (if it’s not solids handling) as you don’t want to risk damaging this pump with accumulated debris & gravel.

Pumps available to rent

We rent a pond cleanout pump by the half day (4 hours – $39.00) or the full day (8 hours – $59.00), which includes up to 50’ of discharge hose.

Watch for ice blockages

If you hook up your pump to the pond’s plumbing but no water is coming out the other end, you may have an ice blockage in your plumbing. Turn off your pump and try again in a day or two, once the temperature rises a little more.

Be ready to care for your fish

You will need a large tub to keep your fish while you’re cleaning out their home. In order to avoid temperature shock, it’s best to syphon some existing pond water into your holding tank before adding the pond fish. Add 2 lbs of Aquascape Pond Salt for every 100 gallons of water in your holding tank in order to create a spa-like environment for your fish. In their stressed state, your fish may be prone to bacterial infection. The salt bath will discourage bacterial growth and also stimulates the production of their natural slime coat, to ward off any pathogens.

Use Aquascape’s Pond Starter Bacteria

Once your pond is cleaned and fresh water has been added, be sure to use Aquascape’s Pond Starter Bacteria, once weekly for two weeks, followed by regular powder or liquid bacteria on a weekly basis. Pond Starter Bacteria is particularly important for pond owners who keep fish as it helps to detoxify the nitrites and nitrates, early in the season, before the aquatic plants begin to absorb nutrients.

Plants are the key

Get plant coverage as soon as possible to shade your pond from algae-encouraging sunshine and to absorb the nutrients in the water, thereby competing with the algae for food.


For more information on how to perform a spring cleanout of your pond, watch our video below.

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