The Pond Clinic is proud to offer the very latest in fish treatments.  MinnFinn is a two-step treatment, which is sold with a neutralizer (NeuFinn), and can treat up to 2000 gallons. MinnFinn is good to treat a number of organisms found on the outside of your fish.  MinnFinn eliminates Protozoa parasites, Flukes and many external Bacterial infections. MinnFinn has effectively eliminated protozoa infections, fluke infections, red sores on fish and bacterial gill infections.

MinnFinn can eliminate most Protozoa infections in ONE treatment (i.e. Costia and Trichodina). Cases of Ich will require three treatments with one day between treatments. Bacterial Gill Disease was effectively treated in one treatment and Red Sores cleared up in one to two. Flukes were cleared in one to three treatments (applied as for ich) depending on the species of fluke.

MinnFinn is Neutralizable so the treatment is ended immediately with the application of NeuFinn. Once neutralized it is like the treatment was never there. After neutralizing, MinnFinn does not require water changes making it very simple and safe to use. When our very own Nicholas Bott and Catherine Neville found they had some sick pond pets, they tried out this product. “We treated our sick fish in a 100 gallon hospital tank, so we followed the directions for this volume (1Tbsp = 15ml).  This treatment can, and is, meant to be applied directly to the pond, but you must turn off the circulatory pump first, so that the product does not come into contact with the biological filter.  After neutralization, the pump can be turned back on.   Gloves are recommended during the product handling process.  Gasping at the surface at the end of the one-hour long treatment of MinnFinn was alarming, but it is normal and the gasping stopped with the addition of NeuFinn…” said Catherine.

After their treatment the Koi were back in top condition, and safely back in the pond.  To be honest, they looked better than ever! “I’ve NEVER seen a one-time treatment work like that! I mean ONE TREATMENT, and the fish were perfect!”, gushed Nicholas.

MinnFinn is the end product of over six years of research and development for application in the pond and aquarium industries. This product was originally developed as a sterilant for use in hospitals and biotechnology laboratories!  MinnFinn can be used throughout the year and has shown to be compatible with fish in water containing salt. Like all therapies, it is not recommended for use in combination with ANY other treatments.

If you think any of your fish are looking a little down in the fin, feel free to drop by the Retail Store, to pick up the new MinnFinn treatment.

MinnFinn, Regular Strength (treats up to 2240 gallons) – $89.98
MinnFinn, Aquarium (treats up to 220 gallons) – $22.98

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