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Last fish offering of the season available now & Still lots of plants!

The 2017 season is off to a slow start with abnormally cool temperatures.  Thanks to Mother Nature and the fact that we spent a lot of time at the beginning of the month converting our fish tanks to an aquaponics system to grow some vegetables for our café, the fish season was delayed.  We are currently stocked with two different types of goldfish as well as a few standard koi – 4-5″ & 8-10″ long (see availability list below).

We quarantine our new fish for 4-7 days to allow them sufficient time to de-stress and to ensure that they are healthy before we release them to your pond.  Therefore, we may not have all tanks available for sale at all times – please refer to our online availability often.

The water in our fish tanks is warm (22°C), so please be prepared  to spend anywhere from 8-12 hours in early spring to acclimate your new fish to your pond water.  We recommend cooling the water in the fish bag no faster than one degree per hour, and not releasing your fish, depending on their type and size, into your pond until there is a difference in temperature no greater than 2-4° degrees Celsius between the bag water and your pond water.  Know your pond’s temperature before coming to the store to adopt new aquatic pets!

Spring is a key time to ensure your fish are well fed, to boost their immune systems, so that they are able to recover from our long winters.  Start the season with Premium Cold Water fish food pellets in water temperatures between 10 – 15 C, then Regular fish food (Premium Colour Enhancing or Staple fish food pellets) can be fed to your finned friends once the water temperature is consistently at or above 15 C.  Pond fish don’t produce the necessary enzymes to metabolize food below 10 C, so it is actually quite harmful to feed them below this temperature.  

Availability list last updated:  Sunday, August 13, 2017:  

Tank 1:    Goldfish – Shubunkin (4″ – 5″) – $14.98 Great selection!
Tank 2: Goldfish – Shubunkin (4″ – 5″) – $14.98 Great selection!
Tank 3: Standard Koi – Standard Quality (4″ – 5″) – $22.98 All gone!
Tank 4: Closed  
Tank 5: Goldfish – Premium Red Comet (4″ – 5″) – $11.98  Great selection!
Tank 6: Goldfish – Premium Red Comet (4″ – 5″) – $11.98  Great selection!
Tank 7: Closed  
Tank 8: Standard Koi – Standard Quality (8″ – 10″) – $119.98  Only 3 big boys left!



To overwinter your fish successfully, your pond should be at least 1000 US gallons and there should be a deeper area at least 2′ deep.  We recommend keeping a hole open in the ice with a redundant system of a pond aerator, paired with a floating de-icer, both available for sale now at our retail store or at 


Plant Stock Updates 

***We are well stocked for floating plants, lilies, and marginal plants – both hardy & tropical.  The only submerged oxygenator we have for sale now is bunched hornwort.  Our lilies are looking great, with established lily pads & buds, with some in full bloom!***

We are now selling aquatic plants for the 2017 pond season.  We keep a good selection of hardy water lilies, an assortment of hardy marginals, some hornwort and an abundant quantity of floating plants (more hyacinths than lettuce).  

If you have purchased aquatic plants from us before, please remember to bring back your blue or brown waxed box, to bring home your new plants this year.  Let’s all do our part to reduce unnecessary waste.

Remember to bring your tropical plants, including floating oxygenators, inside in a container of water, if there is a risk of frost.  If you’re coming from a distance, it’s best to call ahead to make sure we have not sold out of our floating plants!

Plant list last updated: Sunday, August 13, 2017




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