The Learning Centre


At The Pond Clinic, we want you to enjoy your water gardens as much as we do! What better way to enhance your experience, than to arm yourself with more knowledge!! The Pond Clinic Learning Centre is a place where you will find up-to-date information on the most important water garden related topics with new articles added each month.

From managing the health of your fish and caring for your aquatic plant life to keeping your water clean and full of life, here you will find all the pertinent articles you need to enhance your water garden experience. Take the time to browse through our lists and you just might learn something new!!

Our Resources:

fish-health   water-quality   aquatic-plants

doit   doctor   Pond TV Video Of The Week

Info to help things go swimmingly. Learn how to keep your fish healthy and happy!

wqulatyThere’s a lot to know about H2O. Learn how to achieve perfect balance!

lilyGrow your know-how, with horticultural help from The Pond Clinic.

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