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SUMMER: June – August

SAVE THE DATE!  11th Annual Ottawa Water Garden Festival: Saturday, July 11th, 2015

  • If you keep fish, it is particularly important that you treat your pond with Pond Starter Bacteria first, before adding beneficial bacteria, regardless of the time of year. Pond Starter Bacteria supports the pond’s nitrogen cycle until such time as your pond’s plants are ready to begin absorbing nitrate, or plant fertilizer—which is the end product of the conversion of ammonia by the heterotrophic bacteria— found in Beneficial Bacteria for Ponds or Cold Water Beneficial Bacteria.
  • Keep in mind that increased sunlight, a higher nutrient load and rising water temperature create ideal conditions for aggressive algae growth. Aquascape Barley Straw Extract discourages but does not eliminate algae growth; consider installing The Iongen System by Aquascape.
  • Aquascape EcoBlast continues to be the fastest way to eliminate debris, including algae, on contact. If you regularly use EcoBlast or Pond & Debris Clarifier, we recommend using Aquascape Sludge & Filter Cleaner, which will specifically target and metabolize the decaying matter accumulating in the bottom of your pond, once the daytime water temperature reaches 15°C/60°F.
  • To maintain your ‘new pond’ water quality, we recommend applying Aquascape SAB Stream & Pond Cleaner (mixed in warm water, 26°C/80°F) to your pond on a bi-weekly basis. This popular product is a powerful phosphate binder and acts to reduce algae and ammonia, derived from excess nutrients in the pond, whether from rainwater runoff, plant material decomposition or the waste from too many fish.
  • Make sure you have sufficient plants in your pond. We recommend one marginal plant for every two feet of shoreline; one submerged oxygenator bunch for every five square feet; 25% surface coverage for lilies, and 25% surface coverage for floating oxygenators. Use water lettuce and water hyacinths as natural algae control as they are superb at absorbing nutrients as well as providing shade, keeping the water cooler.
  • Switch to Aquascape Premium Colour Enhancing Fish Food Pellets, a growth fish food, once daytime water temperatures remain above 15ºC/60°F. Feed your fish just enough food that they can consume within three to five minutes, then remove any uneaten food. Restrict feeding to once daily.
  • This is the ideal time to add new fish to your pond. Follow The Pond Clinic’s acclimation guidelines. Don’t overcrowd your pond—follow the golden rule of a maximum of one inch of fish per square foot of surface area.
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