Annual Pond Care Guide Continued...WINTER


WINTER: November – March

  • Harmful gases trapped under the ice can accumulate to create toxic conditions for fish. Maintain an opening in the ice for proper gas exchange with a pond aerator and/or a pond de-icer, and make sure it always stays open.
  • We recommend that you set up your aerator and de-icer before the ice forms.     If you do need to create a hole in the ice, we recommend using hot water or an auger, never an axe.
  • We recommend using both a de-icer and an aerator to maintain a hole in the ice.  It is actually best practice to use both winter devices for redundancy. Place the de-icer over or next to the hole generated by the aerator, for optimal results.
  • Aquascape’s 300W Pond De-icer has a built-in thermostat which will draw current only as required. The Aquascape Pond Aerator Pro uses only 45 Watts of electrical power. Place the aerator’s air stone approximately 12 inches below the water line to achieve the best bubbling action at the surface, and prevent ice formation.
  • Keep the aerator’s compressor pump sheltered from too much snow and ice buildup by placing in under a deck or simply by covering it with a board and brick.
  • Prevent snow from piling too high on the frozen pond surface so you can safely find and maintain your de-icing equipment. Build a burm with snow or burlap bags to create a wind barrier for your de-icer, so that its heat is not dissipated by the wind.
  • For Snowbirds, it is very important to have a neighbour check on your pond regularly to ensure that the air hole is maintained all winter long.
  • Plan your spring water feature project now and visit The Pond Clinic early for personalized advice. Consider installing a new water fountain, additional lighting for your pond, or design a new planting scheme.

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