New Product Profile: Introducing Shade Solutions by Nesling

New Product Profile: Introducing Shade Solutions by Nesling

New Product Profile:  Introducing Shade Solutions by Nesling

Are you in the market for a new pergola? Is your patio, deck, pond or children’s play area in full sun? Do you want to eliminate your neighbour’s line of sight into your gazebo or pergola, or maybe you need to shade one side because you always get the sun in your eyes? If you answered yes, to any of these questions, we now have the shade solutions for you, with Nesling’s great line-up of products.

Pergola Kits are available in three different styles (Classic, Victorian & Colonial), sizes & finishes. Pergola kits include an appropriately-sized Coolfit Harmonica Shade, which is a retractable pergola roof shade solution, also available in three sizes and colours.

The Coolfit Shadesail is a robust, yet streamlined & modern alternative to other space consuming shade products on the market. They provide 90-95% UV protection and are available in triangular or square shapes, and a variety of sizes and colours.

The shade sails are not only ideal for modern patio living, but for pond owners who would like to create a more shaded environment for their water feature. A partly shaded pond will discourage the large algae blooms one might experience with a pond in full sun.

The Coolfit Roller Blind is a retractable solution used to avoid low sun beams and can be used as a privacy shield or to create a more intimate setting. Available in 8 different sizes and three colour choices, a perfect add-on to an existing pergola.

With the shade solutions available by Nesling, you can create attractive, trendy and functional shade areas in the garden or playground and on the deck or patio, without taking up valuable real estate. All Nesling products are paired specifically with engineered, high quality, stainless steel hardware ensuring its ease of installation and durability. While other hardware may rust and discolour the shade fabric, Nesling hardware will protect your outdoor investment.

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