2013 Ottawa Water Garden Festival - Saturday, July 13


What to expect?

This July 13th  is the 9th annual Ottawa Water Garden Festival. Visitors will embark on a self-guided tour through a dozen unique styles of water gardens, swimming ponds and natural spas.  Join hundreds of fellow water garden enthusiasts as you take a leisurely, relaxing stroll through some of Ottawa Valley’s finest water gardens and enjoy a day filled with beautifully landscaped backyards. New to the tour this year is our Lotus Natural Spa, a hot tub that simulates the feel of a natural mountain hot spring. Along with this unique spa you will be amazed with the one of a kind designs and water features you will see throughout the tour. Take the day to slow down, relax and fully enjoy the beauty of water…

What to do?

Once you have bought your ticket to the festival you will receive a Google Map to all the locations as either a magazine-style booklet or as a PDF file. Simply print it out and away you go!  We also provide you with the link to the secret Google Map – so you can use it on your navigation system!

Begin your tour at any location and at any time throughout the day from 9:00am to 4:00pm. The BBQ will begin at 4:00pm and run until dusk!  All the Pond tour Stop home owners will be available to answer any questions you might have about their water gardens, so be sure to engage them! Make sure to bring a camera with you, as there will be ample opportunity to take some lovely pictures along the way. Once you have finished visiting the festival stops, the event culminates with the charity cash BBQ at owners’ Nicholas Bott & Catherine Neville’s house which features a 57,000 gallon swimming pond (don’t forget your swim suits). Kids under 12 are free, so get the whole family together and let The Pond Clinic show you what it’s like to “cottage in the city”!

The Royal

This year we have partnered with The Royal Ottawa Foundation for Mental Health for a second year. All proceeds from the festival ticket sales and BBQ will be donated to the foundation. The Royal’s mission is simple: To raise as much funds as possible to support the best possible patient care and fund cutting edge research into mental illness. This is a not-for-profit organization that focuses all of its efforts into improving the health and lives of those living with mental illness. It’s a partnership we are proud to be involved with and hope to continue in the coming years!

The 2014 Pond Tour Calendar!

Some great things came out of last year’s water garden festival. Not only did we  raise over $2000 for The Royal, and win the 2012 Landscape Ontario Award of Excellence for Outstanding Promotional Event, but, the Ottawa Water Garden Festival Pond Tour calendar was born! Each month, a collection of stunning photographs from all of our festival tour stops are featured. As part of the calendar, we feature our annual pond care check list, full of helpful advice in maintaining a vibrant water feature. Look for the 2014 calendar release coming in the fall. These calendars make excellent Christmas gifts to keep the winter blahs away!

Pond Tourist Testimonials!

Don’t just take our word for it, read for yourself what some Ottawa Water Garden Festival attendees have to say!

“Glad we were in town to finally take in the tour. Megan was with me and has a new appreciation for Ponds, Streams, Waterfalls and Mineral Spas! I can also tell you this… your clients talked highly of you. The winning Pond for us was the Gobel Residence in Alta Vista with the stream flowing into the Koi Pond. Again, even I was amazed at how Megan came around after just seeing her first Pond/Mineral Spa (at the Claude residence).”

Philip T.

“Thanks for letting me participate in your pond tour, really fun, met lots of really nice people and heard lots of raves. You are highly respected for your craft as you should be. I am sure you had a great crowd at your place, mostly everyone was anxious to get to see your pond. There were lots of people, so I think it was a success. Funny Story: One couple, the lady wants a stream like mine and her husband kept telling her, they couldn’t do one that long, she kept saying under her breath to me that she would figure out a way. Hope they work it out, funny!”

Myra W.

Order Your Tickets Now!

Tickets for the festival are $20+HST per person (kids under 12 are free) plus applicable taxes and can be purchased directly by calling The Pond Clinic Water Garden Centre at 613.225.7663 extension 1.



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