EcoSystem Ponds


Install an EcoSystem pond and you help provide an oasis for creatures whose natural habitats have been replaced by development – birds, frogs, toads, salamanders, and many others. One pond in one backyard may not seem very important, but when you have a thousand similar backyard ecosystems functioning simultaneously, there is truly a positive impact being made on the environment.

EcoSystem ponds create a whole lifestyle experience. It’s like having pristine waterfront property right in your own backyard, complete with fish, plants and a natural surrounding landscape.

Installation components come packaged in simple, pre-engineered pond kits allowing you to focus on the fun part – the creative process.

Modular design of pump and filtration components allows you to build any size pond you like – from small 100 sq.ft water gardens right up to one acre recreational swimming ponds.

Very low-maintenance! When you create a balanced EcoSystem pond, Mother Nature cleans it for you.

By collecting rainwater, backyard ponds prevent run-off thereby reducing the stress on city storm water systems.

It’s like having a huge aquarium in your backyard!

Can I build an EcoSystem pond myself?

Certainly! We can provide you with a whole host of resources including videos, books, seminars & workshops to teach you how to build your own aquatic oasis. It is important to note however, that you should tackle a project like this for the right reasons. If you think you would enjoy the process and the heavy labour involved in building your own pond, go for it. If it’s just to save money, you’d best hire a professional.

How does an EcoSystem pond stay clean?

First larger debris on the surface of the water is pre-filter by the skimmer. The pump inside the skimmer then pushes the water up through the BIOFalls filter which traps the smaller debris. Beneficial bacteria added to the pond then help to digest the captured debris, breaking it down into nitrites, then again into nitrates. Plants absorb the nitrate, grow, and the circle of life continues. The fish in your pond will help with the clean up by eating the debris and algae on the pond bottom.

What about cleaning maintenance?

You may want to drain the pond each spring to do a full clean out, and in the fall you should cut back the plants and remove the pump. Throughout the rest of the season each week simply empty the skimmer debris basket, add beneficial bacteria, and let Mother Nature do the rest.



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