Pondless Waterfalls

Are you interested in installing a water feature in your yard, but you are concerned about the safety and liabilities of having a pond? Or are you apprehensive about taking on the responsibility of maintaining a full-fledged ecosystem? The Pondless Waterfall is basically that – a waterfall and stream, without the pond.

Perfect for small spaces where a pond is impractical. Streams and waterfalls can meander through your front or back yard following existing landscape grades.

Perfect for public settings (ex: commercial building entrances, schools & day cares, community centres, etc.) where liabilities of a pond are a concern.

Virtually maintenance-free! Simply refill the reservoir every few weeks to compensate for water loss due to evaporation.

Energy efficient – no ecological need to run the system continuously. Ideal for vacations – set a timer for day/night operation.

No need to worry about water testing or fish care.

Where does the water come from?

A hole is dug, then lined and filled with rock, gravel & water. The water held within the open spaces of the gravel flows down toward the Centipede Module, which is connected to the Snorkel Vault. From there, it gets pumped up to the waterfall, where it flows back down the stream, through the gravel bed.and the cycle begins again.

How does the water stay clean?

The gravel basin at the bottom keeps the water clean in the same way that wetlands keep our lakes and rivers clean in nature. As the water passes through the gravel basin the water is ‘scrubbed’ clean of debris, then naturally occurring beneficial bacteria break down the debris converting it into nitrate. Plants absorb the nitrate, grow, and the circle of life continues.

What about maintenance?

The Pondless Waterfall is a living ecosystem. If you show it the same respect as any other natural body of water, Mother Nature will maintain it for you for years to come.



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