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For some people, the joy of owing a water garden is looking after it. For others, the enjoyment and pleasure begins when they sit back with a cool drink or a fresh cup of coffee and bask in the sights and sounds before them. If you find yourself drawn to the latter, then choose the Gold Water Feature Pro Service ® Package, which will better suit your water garden lifestyle.You work hard all week long, so let our technicians pamper your water garden and give you a much deserved break. In addition to the same spring and fall services listed in our Silver Water Feature Pro Service ® Package, we will pay you a monthly visit throughout the season to service your water feature.

The Gold Water Feature Pro Service ® Package includes the following services:

Early Spring

  • Remove fish to salted therapeutic tanks.
  • Inspect fish and treat for injury and/or illness as required.
  • Drain water feature.
  • Remove dead plant material and debris.
  • Pressure wash/flush water feature and filtration equipment.
  • Fertilize and divide aquatic plants as required.
  • Maintain edge treatments and hide exposed liner.
  • Service underwater lighting.
  • Install and test filtration equipment and pumps.
  • Refill water feature.
  • Add water treatments as required.
  • Acclimate fish to clean pond.

Late Fall

  • Remove pump and plumbing assemblies.
  • Remove, clean and store filtration equipment.
  • Trim back marginal plants and water lilies.
  • Remove dead plant material & debris.
  • Move tropical plants indoors.
  • Perform water change, if required.
  • Remove and store ornamental features.
  • Inspect fish and treat for injury and/or illness as required.
  • Install aerator and/or pond heater.


  • Perform routine water chemistry tests as required.
  • Add water treatments and beneficial bacteria to improve water clarity.
  • Remove debris from your skimmer basket.
  • Rinse and clean your skimmer filter mat.
  • Check your pump for proper flow and performance.
  • Tune and adjust the automatic fill valve as required.
  • Trim and remove dead plant material. Fertilize water lilies.
  • Inspect and service underwater lights.
  • Maintain edge treatments and hide exposed liner.
  • Inspect fish and treat for injury and/or illness as required.
  • Perform partial water changes, if required.



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