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If you don’t mind getting into your pond to do a little maintenance during the hot dog days of summer, but would rather leave the chilly service routine in the early spring and late fall to the professionals, then the Silver Water Feature Pro Service ® Package is for you. Our ‘well insulated’ technicians will be there for you in early spring to provide you with the same services listed in our Bronze Water Feature Pro Service ® Package, yet they will return in the late fall to put your water garden to bed for the winter. Our service technicians come fully equipped to handle all the essential dirty work early and late in the season, while you get to enjoy the fun summer maintenance routine.

The Silver Water Feature Pro Service ® Package includes the following services:

Early Spring

  • Remove fish to salted therapeutic tanks.
  • Inspect fish and treat for injury and/or illness as required.
  • Drain water feature.
  • Remove dead plant material and debris.
  • Pressure wash/flush water feature and filtration equipment.
  • Fertilize and divide aquatic plants as required.
  • Maintain edge treatments and hide exposed liner.
  • Service underwater lighting.
  • Install and test filtration equipment and pumps.
  • Refill water feature.
  • Add water treatments as required.
  • Acclimate fish to clean pond.

Late Fall

  • Remove pump and plumbing assemblies.
  • Remove, clean and store filtration equipment.
  • Trim back marginal plants and water lilies.
  • Remove dead plant material & debris.
  • Move tropical plants indoors.
  • Perform water change, if required.
  • Remove and store ornamental features.
  • Inspect fish and treat for injury and/or illness as required.
  • Install aerator and/or pond heater.



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