Pond Liner

The Pond Clinic sells 45 mil EPDM, professional-grade, fish- and plant-safe liner. We stock liner in 10′, 15′, 20′, 25′ and 30′ widths.

By the Roll

We can order the following sizes: 40′ x 50′, 40′ x 100′, 50′ x 50′, 50′ x 100′. Unfortunately, The Pond Clinic does not stock or cut from these sizes as we don’t have the space. Whole roles only please!

Delivery times for the liners we don’t stock varies according to Aquascape’s availability.  If a client orders a whole roll of any size, they receive the “whole roll discount”, 5¢ off per square foot. All custom cut orders (liner, GeoTextile, tubing/pipe) must be pre-paid.

Custom Sizes

If you don’t want to purchase a whole roll of the larger width liner that we don’t stock at the store, you can order a custom-cut piece from Aquascape through The Pond Clinic, but in most cases, it is less expensive to purchase the whole roll (with whole roll discount) than to have it shipped from Concord. We would suggest selling your extra pieces online.


We recommend using GeoTextile under your liner to protect it from puncture and to prevent puncture and to allow gases and moisture to escape from under the liner. GeoTextile is a non-woven polypropylene fabric. The Pond Clinic carries 160EX grade GeoTextile available in a 12.5′ width and in a 360′ long roll.

Ask us about our quantity discounts!

We would appreciate 24 hours notice on all liner orders, as we need to be sure that we have a loader operator available to cut the liner.



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