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The Pond Clinic Water Garden Centre is more than just a store, it’s a showcase, an aquatic plant nursery, and a place for Ottawa Gatineau Water Gardeners to get the support they need.

Nobody understands the special joy of pond ownership like we do, and we make it our mission to help you have the best experience possible. Read more about our hours, location and special features!

The Pond Clinic is proud to carry only the very best products for your water garden. After years of service, installation and maintenance, we KNOW which products work best, and we’ve done the trial and error for you. We put our name behind these brands, and can trust in their products for projects big and small!

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Info to help things go swimmingly. Learn how to keep your fish healthy and happy!

wqulatyThere’s a lot to know about H2O. Learn how to achieve perfect balance!

lilyGrow your know-how, with horticultural help from The Pond Clinic.

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