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The Pond Clinic originally set down roots as an organic lawn care company back in 1995. As the business grew we started renovating old worn out lawns and installing sprinkler systems too. After ten years of sodding & irrigating landscapes I was getting bored. You see, I am a creative person and I needed and outlet for my inspiration, so in my spare time I decided to tackle landscaping my own home.

We live in the Gatineau Hills just north of Ottawa, and our property is surrounded by big, beautiful granite rock formations. Since I’ve always been one to work with Mother Nature, not against her, I decided to create a 14 foot high, 50 foot long woodland waterfall and stream in a stone outcropping outside our family room window.

Well, I never had so much fun in my life! I immediately contacted a few of my best customers and told them I would be willing to build them a pond and waterfall of their own. We ended up installing a koi pond and a pondless waterfall that same month!

Now, before you go and let yourself be bitten by the water gardening bug, let me warn you! Be prepared for a personal creativity explosion. Ask my wife Catherine. I could hardly sleep for a week I was so excited. I would be literally sitting up in bed reading ANYTHING I could about ponds and water gardens, sometimes until 2:30 in the morning! I have since calmed down a little (although Catherine would tell you otherwise), and now she’s excited too.

Here’s what my wife said about our water garden: “I thought my husband was crazy when he said he wanted to build a water garden in our yard, but I must admit it’s beautiful. When I’m having a difficult time trying to get our young children to bed, I just have to open their bedroom window and the sound of the waterfall soothes and lulls them to sleep.” Catherine Neville, Chelsea, QC
So here we are – pond artists. Catherine and I have never been happier in business. We now have the privilege of working with a tremendous staff that helps me build and maintain some of the most beautiful waterfalls, streams, ponds & wetlands in Canada for hundreds of water gardening enthusiasts just like you.

Our business mission – we are committed to using only the finest personnel, equipment & materials available, as well as the most current and advanced techniques when designing, building & maintaining water gardens for our customers. It is our goal to provide every one of our clients with the best possible products, service, value and results while maintaining our commitment to the earth’s ecosystems.

Most Sincerely,

Nicholas Bott,
The Pond Doctor

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