About Nicholas

Nicholas Bott, The Pond Clinic Founder, Installation Manager
nbott@pondclinic.com, ext. 220

Nick1-300It all began with a single pond, 20 years ago! Now, Nicholas Bott is a certified Aquascape contractor, a leading water garden industry consultant and a guest lecturer at Algonquin College School of Horticulture.

With a lifetime love of water Nick is an avid surfer and snorkeler, and has even been a lifeguard and a white water rafting tour guide! In his off hours, Nicholas loves to snorkel in his swimming pond, as Nick puts it, “It’s like being in the Caribbean but without the expensive plane ticket!”.

A thrill seeker by nature, Nick has skydived, scuba dived, walked across hot coals, and even fronted an 80’s cover band! At home, Nicholas is surrounded by a bevy of beautiful ladies, with two daughters (12 and 15), his wife and supplier Catherine, and his two cats, named Lily and Lotus, of course!

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