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Rebecca Cooke, Service Manager
service@pondclinic.com, ext. 221

rebeccaRebecca attended the University of Ottawa, graduating with a B.Sc. in Biochemistry in 2006. While looking for work, she discovered a passion for Horticulture, and returned to Algonquin College to get her Horticulture Technician Diploma in 2009. She is a recent graduate of Olds College in the Landscape Management program of the Bachelor of Applied Science.

Rebecca enjoys travelling. One of her favourite aspects of travel is to compare different styles of landscapes, as well as native plants that grow in different climates. In 2010, she was able to travel around parts of Europe, Oceania, Asia and Canada, where she saw many different ways of landscaping, and gained inspiration for future work.
In her own words…

“When I began school, I would not have described myself as very artistic, or environmental. Early on, I had excelled in math and logic, and later, I had taken a scientific path. Over the course of my first degree, however, the science became very dry, and it became harder to care.  I thought that it might be different once I graduated, yet I found it hard to find a job in my field. During my job search, I discovered horticulture, and found my passion. Returning to school, I explored the many directions one could take while still being called a ‘horticulturalist’. Some of these courses did delve back into the scientific realm; yet, rather than hating it, I loved it.

The conjunction of science with plant life sparked my interest in science again, and the classes became easy to enjoy. Another class that I didn’t expect to prosper in was design. As I have stated, I never considered myself artistic. I could copy drawings and shapes, and did find pleasure in these tasks; however, creating was not something I was good at. My professor quickly changed my mind. He maintained that while design did need to be pleasing to the eye, there were rules that could be followed to accomplish this objective. In many ways, this has transformed design into a logic puzzle.

Similarly, my interest in the environment has developed in my years at Algonquin and Olds. The word sustainability has become a buzz word for corporations and governments alike in the past few years, yet I had never really taken an in-depth look at ways that this could be accomplished. In researching sustainable methods, I have also been able to put my scientific background to good use, and combine the areas of interest that I have pursued during my academic career.”


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