About Trisha

Trisha Goode, Service & Installation
tgoode@pondclinic.com, ext. 222
After 2 years of gardening as a summer job during high school Tricia Goode knew exactly where her passion lay! Tricia recently graduated with honours from Algonquin’s Horticultural Industries Program. Tricia began her professional career working at The Pond Clinic and Aquatopia Water Garden Conservatory as a co-op student in 2014. Tricia’s life goal is to learn a little bit of everything, and we aim to please! During the year of construction on Aquatopia, Tricia learned many new skills and perfected many others!

Now officially a full time member of the Service & Installation Team, this is the perfect position for Tricia’s horticultural talents in both hardscaping and softscaping.
Best of all, Tricia is drawn to water even in her off hours, an avid camper since the age of 7 months, her favourite hobby is portaging with her canoe!

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