Water Clarity

For clarity issues, Aquascape’s Rapid Clear, a flocculent that is 100% safe for fish, plants or wildlife, can be used. This product is a fast acting treatment that can solve cloudy water in just a few hours by physically causing the particulates floating in the water to clump together into larger particles that can be filter out.

There are several other effective products that you can use to help clarify the water.  A combination of our Beneficial Bacteria, EcoBlast and SAB is the ultimate way to have perfectly balanced, clear water. The Beneficial Bacteria for Ponds/Dry and SAB both help consume excess nutrients in the water, break down decaying organics and reduce sludge and odor issues.  SAB also includes a powerful phosphate binder that locks up this nuisance nutrient.  These two products can be used as often as once a week.

EcoBlast is mainly used to eliminate that pesky string algae that generates from the waterfalls, streams and the pond itself. Anytime there is an issue with string algae, this product works best.  EcoBlast is an “on-contact” treatment and may cause a foamy/cloudy color to your water, but not to worry, once the treatment has worked the water will be clear.

For brown, or “tea-colored” water, we have Activated Pond Carbon. Brown water can be caused by leaves and other debris within the vicinity of the pond. Activated Pond Carbon is designed to clear the water from the extra nutrients that are introduced to the pond through the surrounding debris and conditions. For effective results, the carbon treatment should be changed about every 2 weeks.

There are many other factors that may be the cause to these water clarity issues. Temperature (Has the temperature fluctuated in your area lately?), the location of the pond (direct sunlight/shaded) and the surrounding environment (mulch, trees, plantlife, etc.). If you continue to experience problems with your water, please feel free to call!

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